Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stephen's Letter Awards

My Cloudiverse consists of my

  • Blogger Blog Stephen's Letter where I concern myself mostly with issues relating to China, such as, human rights, politics, Government, mining workers rights and conditions and my special interest the Uyghur people of Xinjiang.
  • My Facebook page DoYaBlock which is a start up local area environment group looking for people to "adopt" a small block of land and, on a regular basis that suits their lifestyle, clean it up. Do Ya Block is actually Australian slang meaning to get mad and go off the handle abut something. In this instance you DoYaBlock over rubbish and litter.
  • My Twitter offerings to be stumbled upon with the search  @DoYaBlock. Here I have a more eclectic outlook following news, both concerning topics looked at with Stephen's Letter and general breaking news. As well I follow some celebrities and influential people from the worlds of sports, politics,entertainment and the arts. Of course any fair dinkum twitterer (not commercial concerns) mad enough to follow me get followed right back because we can not tell a story unless we have a listener. This is where I mix business with pleasure so to speak. I can be deadly serious one minute and  totally stupid the next.
As I roam the endless Cloudiverse, like some Clouds Don Quiote, I come across things that I absolutely love, some things I like and some things I really get mad at.

A lot of places have the "Like" "Don't like" button or the "Star" "Unstar" one. Terminology is  varied and terms number as many as the stars in the Cloudiverse.

But I don't like them! So I am going to commence my own  award system (as only self aggrandising/delusional people are want to do)

I am implementing a three stage award system as follows

  • The #StephenAward. An award bestowed upon personal tweeters, bloggers, or message leavers. This award recognises excellence in the field of tweetering, messaging or blogging and it is the most prestigious award on offer.
  • The #DYBAward. This award is the be bestowed upon any tweet, message or post where I like what is being said or pointed too. Whilst not as prestigious as the #StephenAward it is not to be scoffed at.
  • The #Doyablock. This disaward, if you may, is bestowed upon something or someone, some post, message or tweet that we absolutely hate and detest. It is a call to arms if you see it posted on a retweey or a comment..
There, then, are my awards to be implemented immediately.

Feel free to take it upon yourself to award them as well.

 As you roll over the verdant hills of knowledge and information beneath the almighty Clouds there is an award to be given...... somewhere...some time.....

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