Monday, May 23, 2011

Ai Wei Wei: Maybe the Chinese are Right?

Ai Wei Wei
Ai Wei Wei was arrested and the Western Press screamed "Human Rights Violation" "Censorship" "Trumped Up Charges"

But what if the charges to be brought against Wei Wei are founded?

Will we all skulk away and forget we opened our mouths or will we attempt to protect our dignity and claim "Miscarriage of Justice" and hope that it all goes quietly away?

I for one think that Wei Wei is probably guilty. I think that with his high international profile and with the taste of the good life, that he may have thought that he was above the law or smart enough to evade detection.

I believe that such a high profile person would not have been detained at this point in time unless the Chinese officials have fairly strong grounds for their actions.

I do not believe that they would attract so much attention to themselves given the West's obsession with "Freedom of Speech" unless they were pretty sure that the charges and the case will pass some very intense scrutiny.

"Jasmine Revolution"?  I do not think so. The Chinese have the so called "Jasmine Revolution" well under control from their point of view, if it ever existed at all.

Plain human greed and pride? More than likely.

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