Monday, April 25, 2011

Western democracy no panacea for the world

I have long held the belief that the democratic system of government as exists in many western countries can not be easily transferred to others such as China.

I have also held the belief that it may not be beneficial for the likes of China to go down this route.

Western style democracy has taken hundreds of years to evolve. During that evolutionary period there has been an ongoing education process of the populaces. They have over time learnt the mores, the conventions if you will, of how to function and interact in such an environment.

To expect this learning process to be fast tracked in so populous a place as China with a cultural history so different to that of the west has always seemed to me to be naive at the very least.

The article in the attached link looks at this issue and whilst I take some things that are said with a grain of salt such as the willingness, desire and capability of the Uyghur people to escalate separatism to such a drastic level essentially it's basic precepts hold true.

Democracy is not a panacea. The likes of China can make great leaps forward in terms of human rights and economic growth and prosperity without going anywhere near being a western style democracy.

If this can be generally understood by the west than a lot of the angst concerning western and Chinese diplomacy can be alleviated.

Western democracy no panacea for the world - GlobalTimes

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