Saturday, April 2, 2011


Several years ago I ran a website and a blog named uygurWORLD and China Letter respectively. uygurWORLD was concerned with the history and culture of the Uygur minority of China whilst China Letter was an on going commentary concerning general human rights issues in China, particularly regarding the Uygur people, but also, the terrible situation relating to the level of injuries and deaths that is accepted in the Chinese mining industry. I would like to think both were of some importance and provided some, albeit minor, input to the understanding of the topics explored. I know that, at least, I made many lifetime "pen pals" on the Internet through it.

Circumstances conspired, as they say, for me to leave off these pursuits but this morning during a walk on a beautiful sunny Sydney day and having rekindled many friendships recently that had their genesis in those times I decided that I would like to do something similar again though not to the extent as previously. So for what it is worth (other than my own self aggrandisement I suppose!) I am now going to make the occassional commentary on these issues from these pages. I hope they may be of some interest to someone in which case I will have deemed it to be a success.

All comments, criticisms and suggestions are most welcome.

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