Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Uyghur Pop Music

I found this video on the blog autonomous region and thank them for the following quote:

A young Uyghur pop singer  His name is Shireli Eltiken. Much of his music is characterized by the blending of popular styles and the classical muqam, of which he’s trained as a professional vocalist. This song is called “Chahargah Meshrep”; it’s included on his third personal album Muqam Ishqi (“passion for muqam”) (2007/08) as a title track. Chahargah is the name of one of the twelve classical muqam suites; it’s sometimes believed to be the most sacred for its association with the singing of Sufi mendicants. The tune of this song is taken from the meshrep movement of this muqam suite and repackaged here with a somewhat techno/electronica feel. Meshrep songs are similarly religious, despite the official “singing-and-dancing” representation. The second part of this song (from about 3’15” of the video) is musically interesting: the short, thumping choral shout after each phrase reproduces the breath pattern of Sufi zikr ceremonies.